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Survival International

12 February 2016
Climate change

Survival International is one of the smaller but better NGOs – and they have complained about the activities of one of the bigger NGOs who are actively steamrollering tribes in the African rainforest in their  efforts to bring sustainability to the world at large. The irony is that the pygmy Baka tribe have been living sustainably with nature for thousands upon thousands of years. They represent a very old form of humanity, one that has survived into the modern world but one that is now threatened by the climate mob and Green do-goodery (and general gravy dipping). It is nothing short of a tragedy that a small tribe finds itself at the mercy of an NGO that is in effect an international corporate body with enormous clout – so much clout it can penetrate into the darkest regions of the Cameroon rainforest and bring misery to a people entirely innocent of abusing the eco-system. The story can be read at various sites as it is a rich source of Green Blob hypocrisy – see for example www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2016/2/11/greenshirt-thuggery-condemned.html


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