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broken spoke

20 February 2016

Has a spike being put in the spoke of the gravitational wave announcement? At http://phys.org/print375096388.html … It seems NASAs Fermi telescope detected a Gamma Ray Burst coming from the same point as the Gravitational Wave. The idea is being played down by mainstream as the black hole merger is supposed to have swept the area around the bigger hole clean and therefore nothing would have existed, such as an exploding star, to cause a Gamma Ray Burst. We may note that in Electirc Universe theory the gamma ray burst can be explained – if black holes are the galaxy equivalent of solar CMEs (or something like that). In contrast, the Fermi team are adamant and have calculated the odds against a connection between the two events are as low as 0.0022 per cent – so what is going on from a mainstream perspective? Did LIGO detect a gravitational wave with an origin in two black holes dancing towards each other or did it detect a gamma ray burst event – again with an origin in a black hole. Is there a flaw in the theory of the gravitational wave detection story?

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