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Oh Dear

5 March 2016
Inside science

At http://phys.org/print376299794.html … oh dear, the patrollers of the mainstream view of all things have cast a disparaging eye on an article published in the online journal PLoS ONE by three Chinese scientists. It seems they referred to 'creator' – possibly a mistranslation for 'nature' – but the holier than thou, self righteousness reeking from their pores, have jumped loudly on the publishers and the article has been retracted. In another age these same people would have been bible thumpers – funny how things change. I noticed something similar to this on the television the other day, a meeting where a lot of people were excited by a visit from a famous preacher. The descendants of those same people are just as likely to get excited by a meeting featuring a prominent environmentalist or one of the green blob. It's the self righteousness and enthusiasm involved that remains intact, from one generation to the next, not so much what is believed to be true.

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