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30 March 2016
Climate change

An unusual source has broken into the CAGW debate with a diatribe against unmentioned hedge fund managers (better left unmentioned as they have big bucks to throw around) suggesting the hype is driven by an anti-capitalist clique that at the same time is able to manipulate capitalism to play their games. Worth reading if only to get another perspective. It sounds like a conspiracy theory – but is it possible it could be authentic. Only you can decide. Go to www.investors.com/politics/editorials/another-climate-alarmist-admits-re…

Meanwhile, fracking and earthquakes are back in the news – and the waste water. This has been dead in the water for a number of weeks – if not months. Suddenly there are a spate of articles and one wonders if somebody has been payrolling the researchers to come up with negative reports on the fracking industry. If you take the above story seriously you may wonder if the hedge fund managers are intent on squashing the fracking industry in the States in order to force a reliance on Russia and the Arabs and weaken the strength of the West. Are large amounts of largesse being laid on the table. There will always be somebody to take the pieces of silver and ignore the consequences. See for instance http://phys.org/print378477341.html … where we are informed that fracking raises the prospect of earthquakes – sure to get the fear motive in action as most people in the US have never experienced an earthquake. The idea, I suppose, is to demonise fracking as it allows the US to continue to create wealth and remain independent of Third World resources. No doubt such stories will appear in UK journals and magazines in the near future as fracking threatens to create lots of oil and gas – which the CAGW lobby find offensive. Jelly Belly Dave is so far on song fracking – but how long before he caves in and puts it on hold?

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