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New Viking Site

1 April 2016

The US NOVA TV site has been on the button once again by airing news of a probable new Viking settlement site discovered via satellite technology – see www.nytimes.com/2016/04/01/science/vikings-archaeology-north-america-new… … on a headland on the SW coast, 300 miles south of L'Anse aux Meadows, in northern Newfoundland. The confirming point appears to be the presence of bog iron and a fire cracked boulder – but excavations are yet to get in earnest.

At http://westerndigs.org/photos-watch-the-shadow-dagger-solar-calendar-mar… … on a cliff face in Arizona there is an 800 year old shadow clock. Its moving parts are the orbit of the Earth and the dancing of the Sun. It is located on Horseshoe Mesa, a rock panel with petroglyphs, cut into sandstone. It is said to mark the winter solstice and the equinoxes, and it seems the Pueblo people have left behind other examples of this kind of astronomical clock. Pueblo people occupied the area around Horseshoe Mesa between the 12th and early 14 centuries AD but were in wider Arizona from around AD500 to 1300.

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