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females that get around

27 May 2016

At http://phys.org/print383372337.html … women during the Corded Ware cultural period in central Europe may have been highly mobile it is being proposed – or swapped around. The study was published at online journal PLoS ONE (May 2016).

More importantly, at http://phys.org/print383291815.html … scientists, we are told, are in a battle to counter an avalanche of pseudo science peddled by the ignorant and the Internet. However, their greatest angst is aimed at the NGOs (and we are talking about environmentalist lobby groups). They appear to be the biggest problem as they pretend to speak from authority when in effect what they say is often unscientific and completely at odds with the evidence. Hanging on to the words of the NGOs is a bandwagon of various other groups – even more ignorant of the science. Well funded pressure groups push through non-scientific legislation by berating the politicos with pseudo science theories that are often quite nonsensical from a purely science view. Take GM foods. Lots of evidence is now showing the science is not the frankenstein monster that was projected -and same goes with fracking and lurid stories of underground fires and water supply polution. These people do not seem to want capitalism to work – and that is what drives them on. Unbridled capitalism has in the past been responsible for some major environmental problems but throwing the baby out with the bath water is not going to help the rising human population – unless a Green monster can create an epidemic to drastically reduce numbers. Animals spend their life in the pursuit of food – and reproduction. Just keep a watch on a bird nest for a few days. It's all work and no play. That was also the situation for humans until very recently. People do not have to spend long hours hunting or growing food as it comes on a supermarket shelf. We live in a privileged world and if everyone on the planet had a share in that privilege population numbers would reduce naturally. Leisure time is the secret – how we spend it and how we waste it.

The University of Leicester press release says real science is being ignored. Professor Pat Heslop-Harrison is blowing in the wind as nobody is listening and nobody will. Social media web sites will never get the message.

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