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More on Neanderthals …

27 May 2016


At https://anthropology.net/2016/05/27/neanderthal-the-interior-cave-decora… … the broken stalagmite pieces (see yesterday) were assembled into two oval rings 176,000 years ago, we are told. Together with them were pieces of burnt bone and evidence of fire – some kind of ritual activity perhaps.

Also, at the same web site, https://anthropology.net/2012/06/14/were-paleolithic-european-cave-paint… …. which is a problem created by some of the dating methods applied

See also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BleKKIXB3JI and various others listed at You Tube

However, the latest news coming in is of a new set of cave paintings discovered 1000 feet underground (see https://phys.org/print383565294.html).

Some 70 drawings were found on ledge in the Atxurra cave in the Basque region. See also www.thelocal.es.20160526/ancient-art-gallery-discovered-in-basque-countr… …. and they are said to date between 14,000 and 12,000 years ago and depict hunting scenes – such as a bison with 20 spears stuck in its neck area

Meanwhile, at http://phys.org/print383463873.html … we have a study on Neanderthal anatomy – and the robust nature of their skeletons.

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