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migration into Africa

29 May 2016

Mainstream is very fond of emphasizing migration Out of Africa but it seems there was also a bit of migration Into Africa – see http://phys.org/print383472524.html

This refers to the origin of some North Africans, namely the Berbers. They appear to have migrated from Europe to Africa during the Palaeolithic period. Not only that a female body in Romania dated 35,000 years ago exhibits mtDNA that connects the two populations. The beauty of this story is that it will lead to further research – and some is already in progress. The idea is to see if their are any links to the Neanderthals, who died out around the same time as modern humans arrived in Europe but also to explore phenotypic features of those early modern humans.

The paper is published in Scientific Reports (2016) DOI:10,1038/swep25501

The same story is at http://popular-archaeology.com/issue/spring-2016/article/migration-back-…

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