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dark gravity, phantom energy

13 June 2016

At http://phys.org/print384506247.html … galaxies are moving away faster than expected. This is what we learnt a week ago. The question is – what is driving the expansion? Dark matter is one possibility, or dark energy, dark radiation and dark gravity. Apparently, we have dark speculation. No observation is perfect and therefore it is likely that miscalculation lies at the heart of the mystery.

Over at http://phys.org/print384498809.html … researchers solve the mystery of stellar initial mass function we are told. The paper is in the Astrophysical Journal (June 2016) and describes the relative fraction of stars with different masses in a stellar system or a ratio of big and small stars in galaxies. They claim to demonstrate a 'law' governs stellar initial mass function that expands by fractal means. Fractal distribution directly follows from the classic theory of turbulence developed by Russian mathematician A Kolmogorov. We encounter fractal distribution in other fields than astronomy – such as clouds in the sky, snowflakes, and even in fruits and vegetables such as cauliflowers.

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