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feeding a hole

13 June 2016

At last, a black hole  observed feeding – apparently. That is the headline at http://phys.org/print384608570.html … which is presumably derived from the press release. For the first time astronomers have detected clouds of 'cold'gas streaming towards a black hole at the centre of a galaxy (as mainstream theory portrays). However, we may also note the cloud of gas is still 150 light years away from the lip of the said black hole – and it is only assumed the cloud of gas will be consumed by the black hole (as that is what the mainstream theory insists). They don't yet know if it is really crunch and munch time.

Without actually witnessing the gobblling the event is unique enough to warrant a premature paper – published in Nature. This is said to be the first 'direct evidence' black holes feed on clouds of 'cold gas' – but do they?

There is more on black holes over at http://phys.org/print384583753.html … here we have somebody saying black holes might not swallow everything – which is again hypothetical, while at http://phys.org/print384586449.html … we have frost on sand dunes on Mars.

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