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not up to scratch

5 July 2016

The alternative geological journal New Concepts in Global Tectonics has some exciting stuff to read. The latest issue can be downloaded at www.ncgt.org/newsletter.php and one article is highly critical of Plate Tectonics. Has it served its purpose, and is it now out of date and due for retirement? It seems a study of dinosaur migration patterns reveal possible land bridges that don't really fit into the Plate Tectonics paradigm. This appears to be a new angle for mavericks to attack mainstream – and may have some traction. Can the modellers slide the plates around to get out of jail?

Charles Wartren Hunt says that major revisions are required in our understanding of early Earth. His article has the title, 'Critical analysis of the plate tectonics model and sources of horizontal tectonic movements' – which will of course pass by unnoticed by the consensus. More on this later.


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