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God Kings

6 July 2016

Gary Gilligan has updated his web site – see www.godkingscenario.com … and you can also buy his book 'Extraterrestrial Sands' there online (and two other books he has written). Most scholars see the god like attributes of pharaohs as hyperbole attached to human figures or as humans presenting themselves as intermediaries between the gods and world below. Gary Gilligan on the other hand chooses to take the hyperbole literally and claims the wars of the pharaohs were actually wars of the gods in the sky above. It is a useful way of drawing attention to catastrophic themes in ancient texts, almost always ignored by mainstream – but did the events really occur during the Bronze Ages or are they vestiges of earlier events that remained fixed in the minds and souls of humans. Some odd goings on did occur in the Bronze Ages and this point requires some discussion at the least – not just glossed over and dismissed as nonsense.

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