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Dinosaur Movements

7 July 2016

Scientists at Leeds University used computer modelling of the fossil record to work out the movements of dinosaurs. They used a palaeobiology database to work out migration patterns and it seems in the early Cretaceous period they found evidence (declining fossil numbers and varieties) in Europe and the inference is they were moving out of Europe to elsewhere in the world. Previous research indicates dinosaurs continued to migrate even after Pangaea split apart – and it is assumed temporary land bridges existed to allow this to happen (and no doubt computer graphics and make land bridges appear out of nowhere and somewhat later make them disappear). For example, dinosaurs are thought to have been able to cross from Africa to Australia – which requires an extensive land bridge. However, the team are confident that Plate Tectonics can explain the coming and going of the land bridges – together with the necessary time involved (appearing and disappearing out of the ocean). Gradualism is to all men all things – especially when playing around on a computer. The story was in the Daily Telegraph – see www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2016/04/24/dino-brexit-bizarre-migration-saw…

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