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Closing In

8 July 2016

Closing in is the term used in the link at http://phys.org/print387027245.html … but is it just too hopeful? Closing in on black holes, a theory now within an arms length of actual observation.

A recently discovered unusual source of intense radiation is 'likely' powered by a 'collapsed' black hole – a type of object predicted by theorists a decade ago (see the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society July 2016). Not only that, they theorise it occurred half a billion years after Big Bang – in the early universe. However, reading further we learn that acretion does not explain supermassive black holes in distant qasars and they have been desperate to remedy the anomaly. As this is all theoretical science it is amazing how much faith they have in their models. Mind boggling. The incredible brightness displayed by qasars come from matter spiraling into the black hole, heating up to enormous temperatures and creating jets that shine like beacons across the universe. So, what feeds the qasars? Theorists have come up with 'direct collapse' – but miraculous conditions need to prevail (and the modeling came to the rescue). See also the Arxiv web site – www.arxiv.org/abs/1602.07639

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