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Gary Gilligan

18 July 2016

At www.godkingscenario.com/gks/hathor-isis-ptah-sokar-atum-sun-night-atum-r… .. is Gary Gilligan's theory – a new page added to his updated web site. We have a celestial equator as well as the plane of the ecliptic. His theory is that planetary chaos dominated the ancient world and the solar system was awash with water,dust, gasses and debris that assembled at the plane of the ecliptic (the zodiacal plane that includes the zodiacal pyramid). Clube and Napier, in their books and articles, envisaged the plane of the ecliptic awash with debris – but from the passage of comets. One would have to read the link in order to get a modicum of understanding of what Gary is saying as it involves the jet stream as a visible phenomenon as well as other unusual ideas. Was the ancient world awash with planetary chaos? The Thunderbolts crowd have very unusual ideas too – regarding the planet Saturn as the sun at night and earth in an entirely different kind of orbit.I suppose the history of the solar system is up for grabs it would seem as the astronomers and cosmologists really do have a mixed bag of apples to play around with (and no doubt some of them have got the odd maggot). Gary has actually come up with a new phrase – Horus bodies. I like that one.

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