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Mammatus Clouds

24 July 2016

Mammatus clouds are so named for their similarity to cow udders and underbelly

   The clouds above appeared after a thunderstorm in Manitoba. They seem to appear around the unstables edges of severe thunderstorms and may have an electrical connection. Researchers describe them as an 'intriguing enigma' – but  not much research into them has been done. Artists and photographers with an eye for something unusual have always liked them and they appear in European paintings as early as the 1500s. See www.spaceweather.com (23rd July 2016)

Meanwhile, at http://phys.org/print388310804.html … newly discovered solar system objects resonate with Neptune – so where is Planet X? Two small objects way beyond the orbit of Neptune have been pinpointed by astronomers on the lookout for Pluto like asteroids or small planets. Considering how far away they are to Neptune this was a surprise, we are told. Their orbital path has been modelled and it appears they interacted with Neptune or are continuing to interact with Neptune (see Astrophysical Journal Letters July 2016)

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