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Small Reactors

8 August 2016
Climate change

Could every town have its own small nuclear reactor – see www.climatechangenews.com/2016/07/27/could-every-uk-town-have-a-small-nu… … as an alternative strategy to building large and expensive nuclear plants such as Hinckley Point. The nuclear industry see the UK as a spearhead as we are getting perilously close to regular black outs. However, looking at it from a non partisan view I would think the security issues would be a major problem – and one of the commenters says much the same thing. Is it easier to manage security at a big plant than at numerous small reactors left in the care of local authorities (not the sort of people to trust to be diligent and meticulous). The government own most of National Nuclear Laboratories says the news flash but the industry could be worth billions in expertise alone (selling it abroad). Much of the development and new build could actually be in Britain – providing jobs. It seems the goverment is currently running a competition to find the best small scale reactor design and is investing 250 million pounds in research and development. See also www.nuclearenergyinsider.com/smr-uk/.

See also www.u-battery.com/what-is-u-battery

The comments are also worth looking at as attention is drawn to small reactors in ships and submarines. Another mentions the Molten Salt Reactors and Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactors. Rolls Royce has a design – so does General Electric. See for example www.rolls-royce.com/about/our-technology/nuclear-technology/submarine-pr…

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