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Hawaii Petroglyphs

14 August 2016

   Looks like the squatting man image has turned up on a beach in Hawaii. At http://phys.org/print390114735.html … the figure was etched into sandstone rock. The comments to the article are interesting in that one of them hastens to point out the connection with Anthony Perrat's plasmoids (as in his talk to SIS, recently re-aired at the 2016 spring AGM meeting). Unfortunately, nobody else was able to conceptualise the link with the squatting man plasmoids and the idea was roundly condemned. The general consensus of the commments was that the petroglyph showed a human being and the fact similar squatting man images occur around the world merely emphasizes the fact that humans live all around the world. Obviously, if the Perrat video was available online the comments crowd could be provided with a link, but that is not possible. Not only that  but to be open  to new ideas you have first to be receptive to new ideas. If your head is a closed shop – no hope of change.

See aso http://westerndigs.org/tides-expose-newly-discovered-petroglyphs-on-hawa… … where we learn most of the petroglyphs were one feet tall but one was five feet in length. The big petroglyphs was described as representing a life size person with curled up fingers and toes. Presumably this is where the commenters at Phys Org got their idea of humans from. We must try and get permission for the video to be uploaded on to our web site.

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