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Valentina Zharkova

14 August 2016
Inside science

I think I did this story last week when it was doing the round of the blogs but here we go again courtesy of a link from William again. It seems the original story was at Investors Business Daily – and was taken up by Benny Peiser at the Global Warming Policy Forum in the UK. Benny is a former member of SIS and I like to keep up with his new role in life, knocking some sense into climate science. Hence, that is where I picked up the story but the link  takes you to the original story which isn't much of a surprise to your average sceptic as this sort of thing has been going on for years. Why Valentina thought she would not be attacked is the actual novelty – but apparently she was surprised by the treatment meted out to her. Doesn't she realise the big bucks to be made out of government tax revenue? She was treading on the toes of some really powerful and motivated people (see www.investors.com/problem/editorials/global-warming-extremists-try-to-si…)

This piece is reputed to put global warming scientists into perspective – or it illustrates the power that money has over the virtue of so many people, left and right of the spectrum. Modern climate scientists like to think they are latter day Galileos standing form against superstition. pseudo science and bigoted religion but in reality they are nothing of the sort, we learn. Instead, these so called scientists (and their useful idiot underdogs) have more in common with Galileo's persecutors. Zharkova supplied the information that the Sun was heading for a cooling period (as was reported on BBC radio today) and she was attacked and told, rather than asked, to retract her research (by fellow scientists). She is actually in good company as Piers Corbyn has been saying something similar for some years past – and others too on the sceptic side.

However, a cautionary note is worth putting into the mix as we do not want the big bucks to move from global warming to global cooling propaganda. We should view these things as part and parcel of the earth system, a constantly changing climate. We don't want to go back to the 1980s and claims the earth is on the brink of the next Ice Age. Level heads are required – somebody like Joe Bastardi.

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