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beneficial CAGW

7 October 2016
Climate change

It gets tiresome reading about climate change and the constant barrage of propaganda that ignores anything published that contradicts the new religion of doomsaying. However, it is not just Joe Public and an ever growing band of scientists that are opposed to the new religion of global warming as the actual benefits of renewable technology are now being questioned – by a growing number of environmentalists. In this instance the story is a German one – and Germany has been at the forefront of renewable energy replacement of more traditional forms of energy production (including nuclear which was shut down in the wake of the Japanese earthquake – another of Merkel's on the hoof gaffs). At http://notrickszone.com/2016/10/04/top-environmentalists-aghast-as-germa… … where we have the celebrated German transition to renewables being questioned by environmentalist professors.  The Germans are usually presented by the politicians in other countries as a shining example of doing away with fossil fuels (even though they are still burning large amounts of coal). The reason they have migrated to coal is because they shut down their nuclear power stations – and wind doesn't blow all the time (so coal is still on tap). However, that is not what they are complaining about as these are primarily tree huggers – and the trees are suffering (big time). Environmentalists in Germany were cock a hoop when renewables were first touted – but as news of bird and bat deaths mounted their enthusiasm was muted. Now, they have switched around completely and are more likely to express outrage and shock as large areas of the country have been deforested and landscapes disfigured to make way for wind turbines. This was always going to be the case and illustrates how these people never thought renewables through until its gory conclusion became obvious even to the most blindly faithful. One leading professor said, 'the German energiewende has become a justification for destroying our last remaining natural landscapes …' but it is worth asking – what did they expect? Utopia. One can only repeat – is that a price worth paying in order to keep billionaires in the manner they are accustomed to living.

Meanwhile, at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/10/04/wall-street-journal-climate-skept… …. which says it all over again. The fat cats raking in big bucks are at it again – the Wall Street Journal is telling people to fund the carbon tax in order to fill their pockets (not because CAGW is real but because it might be real even though the evidence is clearly contradicting the reality). It's a policy designed to raid your trouser pockets.

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