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Black Sea Flood

11 October 2016

We would not expect mainstream to endorse the idea of a catastrophic flood in the Black Sea as envisaged by the two Americans, Ryan and Pitman (1996) but they have gone to the bother of setting up the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (carried out by the Centre for Maritime Archaeology at Southampton University and the Bulgarian Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Sofia (see http://archaeologyinbulgaria.com/2016/10/no-biblical-deluge-but-gradual-… ). According to initial findings of the project the Black Sea became saline and connected to the global ocean (via the Mediterranean), not as a result of catastrophic flooding around 6000 – 5000BC (Ryan and Pitman) but much earlier, between 16,000 and 10,000BC.  (which is the end of the Ice Age in the first instance and towards the end of the Younger Dryas in the other instance). This is quite clever when you think about it as they are, by sleight of hand, making the melt last over 6000 years – thereby removing any notion of sudden or rapid ice melt with lots of water gushing through the European river system to flush out into the Black Sea (such as the Danube). See also www.blackseamap.com

Note – the 3 year project also involves the University of Connecticut as well as Swedish and Greek marine research foundations. 




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