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liquid iron and the EU

8 January 2017

This article at Thunderbolts was inspired by the news over Christmas that earth has a liquid iron jet stream as revealed by ESAs Swarm mission satellites. Swarm is able to measure variations in the electromagnetic fields of the earth. Stephen Smith says 'jet' as in a jet stream is a trifle overstated and planetary scientists attribute it to liquid iron (aka the press release last week as reported in the News), circulating around the poles. He suggests it was not irvers of molten iron detected by Swarm but stream of electric charge circulating inside the earth – see more at www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2017/01/02/clenched-by-iron-bands/

    At www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2017/01/06/natural-pyramids/ … explores the idea that the Egyptian pyramids were modelled on natural features that are said to have been carved by electric machining. In this instance it is the shape of pyramids that are strangely premeditated by some known land forms such as occur in the Black Desert. The example they provide comes from Jordan – but were Egyptians travelling around Jordan in the third millennium BC. We can't answer that as Egyptian adventurers may well have been doing just that but others think the pyramids are based on the zodiacal lights, a pyramidal band of light that may have been more prominent in the past. It seems we have a competition here between something in the sky and something visible in the highlands (pointed mountains). However, pyramidal hills (mountains on a smaller scale) do appear to have a role in folklore – even in Britain.

A similar sort of thing can be found at www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2017/01/04/the-iturralde-structure/ … which is again a geological oddity, this time in Bolivia. Is it again the result of electrical discharge events? or is the origin more mundane.

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