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Gravity and Dark Matter

16 January 2017

At https://newscientist.com/article/2116446-first-test-of-rival-to-einstein… … is a science journalistic report of a controversial study that challenges Einstein, in the first instance, and goes on to say dark matter does not exist. That idea will appeal to some people – but criticism of Einstein will certainly not appeal to others. Most physicists comply with Newton's laws of gravitation and Einstein;s theory of general relativity yet observers have shown that the motion of the galaxies cannot be explained by the gravitational pull of evolving matter – hence the addiction of an unseen dark matter to exert a pull in order that gravity may remain the most important force in the universe. Space ships rely on gravity – and technical scientists put it into practise (but Voyager 2 does not entirely seem to conform with the consensus model). Darik matter plays a role in that an unobserved force is allowed to exert an influence. It sounds like a sticky plaster applied to a wound but it has enabled mainstream to continue in the current cosmological consensus unfettered with a great uncertainty. Does that uncertainty really exist? 

A team of astronomers have come up with an alternative theory – and it disposes with dark matter. It invokes 'modified gravity' – which means Newton and Einstein may not have got it altogether wrong (and mostly right). One problem might be that the new 'model' of gravity borrows heavily from quantum mechanics, relativity, information theory, and string theory. What can go wrong?

However, it also has similarities with the Modified Newton Dynamics theory of Mordechai Milgrom (MOND) which is worth looking at as well. Go to https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn8631-gravity-theory-disposes-with… (published back in 2006). Milgrom supports the new study and he adds, MOND produces similar results. We may note none of these models introduce plasma science or electricity in space as part of the data they feed into their computers as is evident from the response to the 2006 link. Mainstream complained the experiment was restricted to galaxy data and ignored the Big Bang after glow. Apparently, the invention of dark matter made a specific prediction for the microwave background that seems to be coming true. It fits galaxies and clusters, large scale structure and gravitational lensing.

See also https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22229670-400-forget-dark-matter-e… (2014). For an entirely different point of view go to https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2017/01/13/electrical-expressions/ .. which is deemed to be the missing element in cosmology – electrical charge flow. Stephen Smith says that according to a recent press release the ESA/NASA Herschel Space Observatory hound -gravitationally based' strands of gas and dust resulting from 'interstellar sonic booms' which he takes issue with. He says these are electric circuits and filaments of electric charge can flow through plasmas. When plasma strands approach each other they do not merge but twist into a helix that rotates faster as it compresses tighter etc etc.

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