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25 January 2017
Inside science

Creation Science has a bright future according to Dr Wile – go to http://blog.drwile.com?p=15572 … and the link concerns a recent panel event where a team of creation scientists took questions from a large audience, said to include scientists with some probing questions. One of his fellow panellists was John Sanford, a geneticist, the inventor of the 'gene gun' (a device to introduce DNA from one organism into another organism). He is also the author of 'Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome' – which means he is at the forefront of modern research yet is not an atheist. 

The panel answered a great number of questions on subjects such as biology, genetics, the earth sciences, and geology theory etc. Quantum mechanics was discussed for example to which Dr Wile responded. One question involved the idea that QM was all about one object or particle being in two different places at the same time. Dr Wile responded by saying QM is often misunderstood and doesn't really say that. What it does say is you can't determine the precise location of a particle, such as an electron, which is not the same thing. Its position in space or time is possibly based on probability. He went on to describe an experiment with light and another with electrons which revealed a wave pattern rather than either being in two places at the same time. As always with Dr Wile it is easy reading and written in order for lay people to understand the point being made. He makes the point that one interpretation of the experiments has been given publicity – but there are other interpretations that have been made. He says a lot of QM theory relates to the atomic scale – which may differ from the human scale of things (or what we think we experience in real life situations). Trying to unite the atomic world with our own world (and its perspective) may simply be all it comes down to – as the two may give the impression of being different in various ways. The panel discussion will be posted on You Tube in a few weeks time.

Always interesting to read alternative views to mainstream, even Creation Science when it is being presented by a scientist. That is not always the case of course as many links on Creationism come across as somewhat tediously centred on faith rather than objectivity. For a mainstream view on quantum mechanics and mathematics go to www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2017/01/quantum-view-of-space-space-does-n… … quantum view of space in space does not exist independently.

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