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Nickers in a Twist

1 February 2017
Climate change

Scientists sometimes don't do humour. Or at least the author of an article at 'The Conversation' displays a lack of humour – see https://phys.org/print405073075.html … but does display a witless superiority complex when discussing a rather excruciatingly ludicrous claim that a rogue asteroid is on course to crash into the earth. I suppose it makes them feel good to quote conspiracy theories and then accuse the lower orders of being mentally unable to grasp the reality of real science. We hear this kind of thing from enviros and politicos and those who may lose their place at the trough – but a rogue asteroid. Are they on steroids. It is used as a stick to beat ordinary folk – the deplorables (of Hilary's campaign team) or the swivel eyed loons (of Cameron). The message is that the enlightened ones do not think ordinary folk can think for themselves – and deliberately misinterpret what is humour as serious comment. However, when we reach the final paragraph it all becomes clear. The Sun newspaper (and it's smutty readers) dared to suggest CAGW is a load of cobblers. Gotcha.

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