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Meteors Humming

9 February 2017

Gary sent in this link – www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4201328/Study-identifies-cause-s… … on the day after Wikipedia banned the Daily Mail claiming it was a source of fake news. You may wonder why Wikipedia, also renowned as a source of fake news, would bother – but you have to take into account the thought police that patrol the pages of Wikipedia (looking out for anti-CAGW postings).The David Rose 'bombshell article' has really rattled the gilded cage of the CAGW faithful. 

In this link the story is humming meteors and recent research just published – meteors that can make 'your hair hum' and 'your clothes tingle' as well as bizarre sounds. I've heard the pops and crackle of shooting stars in the quiet of the early morning hours and can only assume bigger meteors can create an enhanced effect. However, it is not as simple as that – by far. Researchers have found that bright release of light from incoming meteors can create audible sounds far away from the source, simply by heating 'dielectric' materials – which can be dark decoration, dark clothing, leaves, and hair etc.

   The sounds, it is concluded, are the result of electromagnetic energy from the meteor that has travelled to the viewer miles away, converted into acoustic waves. Dielectric transducers are all around us it would seem and could facilitate the phenomenon. Bright pulses of light heat clothes, grasses, even hair and fur, as well as leaves etc. Bright pulses of light heat these materials which conduct heat into the air around them. This creates pressure waves that can manifest itself as photoacoustic sound. Experiments revealed this to happen. In the image above is a fireball that fell on the Czech Republic in 2014. It was ten times brighter than the full moon and it was extremely hot, creating sounds at the surface.

Over at https://phys.org/print405764476.html … we learn that Sandia National Laboratory were involved in the research – the apparent source of the Daily Mail article.

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