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Black Hole Burp

4 March 2017

At https://phys.org/print407589279.html … black holes feed on large discs of gas we are told but sometimes black holes eat too much of the stuff. They are then induced to burp out a burst of ultra fast wind (something like getting rid of the gripe in a baby) – which they call outflow. The study is published in Nature (March 2nd 2017) but the press release was issued by the University of Maryland. What the paper is about it the observation by scientists of an outflow event they think is emitted from a black hole. They were looking at x-ray emissions and both are in some way linked it would seem. The intention now is to get the images closer to the black hole to see the outflow emerge – a long time ambition.

At https://phys.org/print407659140.html … looking at asteroids in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter the observations fell on a pair of closely orbiting asteroids that looked like they had split apart from what was once a single body.Both pieces sported a comet like tail. Not only that the tails were outstretched at perihelion (closest point in orbit around the sun). We are told the emissions of dust is due to sublimation of ice left exposed after the asteroids split apart.

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