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26 March 2017
Climate change

At http:///www.everythingselectric.com/venus-models/ … it seems that mainstream views on the heat generated on Venus are changing. The greenhouse theory was applied to the planet and most notably this was championed by Carl Sagan. It seems Venus doesn't conform to the idea of runaway warming as the polar regions are 70 degrees cooler than expected. The polar atmosphere is not as dense as expected – between 20 and 40 per cent less dense than theory dictated. Then, there are all those volcanoes …

At www.carlineconomics.com/archives/3472 … the fundamental issue in climate science has been resolved (or so we are told). All the alarmists, and many of the sceptics, have been wrong. It seems changes in atmospheric co2 have no significant effect on global temperatures. Is this true – or is it wishful thinking?

At http://notrickszone.com/2017/03/24/recent-research-shows-climate-models-… … now, this is the kind of story I can believe – climate models are a load of old codswallop. Apparently, fudge is the accusation – climate model fudging. They do not replicate reality. Why would anybody think computer simulations of climate had precedent over observations in the real world? This is what we have been led to believe. It's farcical when you think about it – but we all know there is a political dimension, and a financial dimension – and lots of strange eco-activists to ram home the message. Back in 2016 Fabius Maximus (a pseudonym) said, we can end the climate policy war by demanding a test of the models. Is it as simple as that?

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2017/03/25/we-really-don’t-know-clouds-a… … clouds are a mystery to science as they inhibit climate change predictions. Clouds are one of the least understood aspects of our environment. Anyone looking at Constable paintings in the National Gallery in London (or is it the Tate?), will see that clouds dominated the era in which the artist lived. Half his canvas seems to consist of clouds – lots and lots of them. It was also a very cool period of climate.

Meanwhile, it seems the NHS is as bad as climate science when it comes to harassing the heretics within their ranks. A major cancer surgeon and researcher was bullied so badly he was forced to resign – now where have we heard that before (in climate science)? His sin – writing an article in a national newspaper that said that GPs were part of the problem – as they didn't work weekends etc. He was hounded out of his job, even to the detriment of his cancer patients who were in the middle of complicated treatment. The politicised view did not allow any kind of dissent – and free speech was impaired. He had published lots of articles in journals and newspapers previously but it was his position on GPs that got him into hot water as doctor's working hours had become a big issue at the time. At www.spectator.co.uk/2015/08/for-speaking-frankly-about-the-nhs-i-was-sil… (but you will be lucky to read it as it is paywalled).

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