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Warm Weather

29 March 2017

At www.spaceweather.com March 30th 2017 … we are told the stream of solar wind, a CME event, has continued into a 4th day and we may note the weather has got considerably warmer over that time. I got sun burnt today (on the face) working on the allotment – yet it is still March (and it was decidedly cold a week ago). It seems the CME has pumped a lot of heat and energy into the earth system. A similar thing happened in March a couple of years ago – following another coronal hole directly facing the earth. Its origin is a canyon like coronal hole in the Sun's atmosphere – and give it a day or so and the media will be bleating about global warming (when it has nothing to do with co2).

How long will it last? A week perhaps, depends on how quickly the heat dissipates at the poles.

   The image above is the green atmosphere of Comet 41P (it can be seen near the Ursa Major constellation in the night sky tonight). Its orbit makes it visible at the North Pole this week and in two days time will be just 21 million miles away (but a telescope is required unless it flares brightly as it approaches the Sun). On April 12th it reaches perihelion with the Sun. Is there any evidence it is being buffeted by the solar wind? How much brighter will it get next week?

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