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Dirty Renewables

21 April 2017
Climate change

We've endured months of alarmism about dirty diesel fuel poisoning children living in big cities like London and Birmingham but now another dirty secret has been outed – biofuels are even worse. At http://notrickszone.com/2017/04/21/45068#shash.yyYtltQb.dpbs … a new paper on the subject has been published – and it hits right at the heart of the Green Blob. Not only are biofuels responsible for destroying the Indonesia rain forest (and decimating its wildlife) the fuel that palm oil is used in is more toxic than diesel. One cannot help but snigger – but that doesn't help the orang utans that have disappeared in the denudation of their habitat.

Next, we are told the Paris climate agreement is a toothless dud and corporatists in the US are telling Trump not to kill it off. It may be a dud as far as commitments to lowering co2 are concerned but the Paris agreement was hatched by environmentalists and they are not really bothered by co2 emissions as it is all about money. Your money, via taxes, that is transferred to the wider world and the eager despots that inhabit the far and murky corners. As long as corporatists still get to milk the system, of course, they will oppose the cancellation of the Paris agreement. Money speaks. Always follow the money.

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