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6 May 2017
Climate change

Climate Change is not the only subject that is hyperventilated by activists – herbicides and pesticides are often the target of NGOs and the Green Blob. For example, they have a habit of ignoring squirrels and magpies whenever the question of a decline in songbirds comes up. It is always blamed on farmers using pesticides – and they then claim farmers should be more organic. Farmers have been growing food for the last six or seven thousand years in Britain and Ireland – why do environmentalists think they know better? The climate change lobby includes a strong anti-industry group and one might surmise the same people are ant- farming too (or industrial scale farming). How they hope to feed the nation, yet alone the world, via organic methods as they would not have any manure as they are also against eating red meat. It's chicken or nothing. Insects, it has been suggested, could be used to supplement the human diet. How long before the insects went into decline – and would insects be farmed?

The Green Blob has amassed considerable power over our lives, influencing governments and the EU bureaucrats by stuffing committees etc. and lobbying.  They form their own institutes and self important organisations,  designed to influence the powerful and throw fear at the plebs with a constant stream of fear-mongering – much like alarmists CAGW. One man is fighting back – the Risk Monger. Read his post on glyphosate, beer, and Monsanto (the envrionmentalists bogeyman company) at https://risk-monger.com/2017/05/07/glyphosate-beer-and-monsanto-an-inter…

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