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Sodom’s Dolmens

19 May 2017
Ancient history

William forwarded details of this way back in March. In their book, 'Discovering the City of Sodom: the fascinating, true account of the discovery of the old testament's most infamous city' by Colllins and Latayne (Simon and Schuster, 2013) ISBN 9781451684308. Dolmens are mentioned on 18 occasions. Some 500 bench like stone dolmens are what remains of 15000 of them and can be found in the vicinity of Tall al-Hammam (the deliberate placement of a large horizontal stone on top of three or more vertical stones). Steve McAllistair and David Meltsberger have documented the precision of the astro alignments of some of the dolmens which appear to be arranged towards the equinoxes and solstices, marking the southern and northern point of the drifts of the Sun through the year. The Hammam megalithic field also includes standing stones, stone alignments, henges, and stone circles. You could almost be in Neolithic or Bronze Age Britain or Ireland. The interesting point is they were being constructed at more or less the same point in time as their examples in Europe. Why?

As in the UK, no trace of settlement has been found near the megaliths – still standing. All we have are ruins of settlements which includes Hammam. The stones stand like sentinels of a long gone civilisation. See also Steven Collins, Carol Kobs, and Michael Luddeni, 'The Tall al-Hammam Excavations, volume One, An Introduction to Tall al-Hammam with Seven Seasons (2005-2011) of ceramics and Eight Seasons (200502012) of Artefacts'. 

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