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Viking War Camp

19 May 2017

William sent in this link at https://phys.org/print414318459.html … a large war camp of a Viking army has been uncovered at Torksey, on the banks of the Trent in Lincolnshire. It included boat repair facilities and a smelter to melt looted gold and silver and convert it into ingots. It was a base for operations – defended during the winter months (laying up in wait of spring and a new campaign season). Thousands of men, women, and children, lived there, and the site was bigger than any nearby town in the region. In that way, it resembled the Viking settlement at Dublin, which however was used over a long period of time.

On the opposite side of the pond we have https://www.nature.com/news/beads-made-from-meteorite-reveal-prehistoric… … which concerns the discovery of beads in an Illinois grave of the Hopewell culture. It turns out they were made from a meteorite – an iron and nickel mix. They say they originate from a meteorite that landed in Minnesota (which was also made up of iron and nickel). One throwaway comment is interesting. One of the scientists says the Hopewell technique was similar to those of the ancient Egyptians, who manufactured almost identical tube shaped beads from meteorites (but 3000 years earlier than Hopewell).

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