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Clive James

6 June 2017
Climate change

Clive James, a voice from the past, and still able to spar with the best of them. Here he crosses swords with the CAGW alarmist crowd, admitting that he would never have looked into the issue if he had not been laid up in a sick bed. He would simply have carried on believing what the mainstream media churn out – unthinking. He says that most people have never visited a sceptic blog and do not know the arguments on the other side. All they hear is the emotional output from people that are mostly unscientific and for some reason think disaster is around the corner and we are all going to die – unless we sacrifice our way of life on the altar of doom and despondency. Go to https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2017/06/05/clive-james-climate-alarmists…

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