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Asteroid Day

23 June 2017

At www.asteroidday.org/live/ …. we have live streaming from a conference in Luxembourg on Friday the 30th June (2017). Experts will be there to answer questions via social media etc. Supporting events will take place in 70 other countries and the idea is to bring to the public's attention the threat from asteroids and meteors impacting with the Earth and its inhabitants. Why they want to publicise this issue at this point in time is perhaps a mystery – or are they seeking to dispel some of the alarmist web sites regarding asteroid horror stories. I expect the idea is to sanitise the issue and point out science is keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Expect some nut jobs to pop up on social media and be struck down as if by lightning by the likes of Brain Cox. However, the UK has an interesting participant in Alan Fitzsimmons of Queens University in Belfast, an astrophysicist. 

At https://phys.org/print417180569.html … we are  told over 1800 potentially hazardous cosmic objects have been discovered on near earth orbits – but there may be many others as yet undiscovered. There is also a nice picture of the Chelyabinsk meteor – see below



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