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Dr Strangelove

22 July 2017
Climate change

The spirit of Dr Strangelove appears to be alive and kicking – see https://phys.org/print419839795.html … scientists are considering adding aerosols to the atmosphere and modifying clouds to slow global warming. Apart from the fact the only evidence they have of global warming is derived from computer models it seems there are people out there that actually believe this stuff and are prepared to play around with the atmosphere of the earth. This is not just whacky – it's potentially dangerous. Blocking out sunlight is not a good idea.

The proposal is published in the journal Science and the scientists concerned come from the Max Planck Institute (Germany) and the National Centre for Atmospheric Research (US). The idea behind injecting aerosols is to mimic the cooling that occurs when volcanoes erupt. As volcanoes emit sulphur they are considering this chemical should be one of the components pumped upstairs. The really whacky bit is that somebody is quoted as saying we should replicate the Pinatubo volcano every day for 150 years – in order to squeeze out all that warming they think exists in the atmosphere. One cannot say this looney scheme won't be adopted as politicians don't have a very good track record when it comes to CAGW – falling for the doom mongering head over heels. However, they do have a small piece of common sense left as they say it is vital to have a system that stops a single country from taking up the baton and doing it themselves without the support of other nations. In other words, they want a joint venture. The danger here is that there are a lot of tax dodgers among the super rich and they have money to throw around on pet projects. All it takes is one of them, or a group of them, to huddle in a corner and take what they see as a morally justified Dr Strangelove style decision to 'save the world' from Climate Change. The Malthusians among them may also see it as a crusade to reduce global population as by restricting sunlight they will be restricting the ability of food crops to grow in the same quantities they do without the artificial aerosols.

Over at http://notrickszone.com/2017/07/21/swiss-daily-german-scientist-slam-rep… … a Swiss daily has published the thoughts of a German scientist on a paper published by researchers at the University of Exeter – rather, the way the press release was composed and how the media played the story. It was publicised as a greening of the Antarctic as a result of CAGW. Media outlets lost no time in bellowing out that global warming was causing the Antarctic to green over, completely ignoring what the paper actually said and giving the general public the impression that plants were growing on a continent that is mostly one big ice cap. Whilst most people would have shrugged their shoulders and taken it with a pinch of salt other people of the CAGW persuasion would have begun palpitating at the prospect. The impression the press release wished to give was that the ice was melting and plants were growing where it had receded. This is not true – a massive exaggeration of the findings. It is all about moss growing at the extremity of the West Antarctic peninsular, at 65 degrees south latitude. It amounts to purposeful deception as moss has been growing at the location for hundreds of years – ever since Europeans turned up at the Antarctic. This kind of sums up the CAGW doom mongering – any old lie is used in order to maintain the agenda.

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