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Zealandia Research

1 August 2017

At https://phys.org/print420432849.html … scientists are hoping to get a better handle on Zealandia during an exploration that began this week in Australia. As a geologist has said, Zealandia has everything any other land mass has – except it is under the waves. We may assume it was above sea level at one time, particularly pertinent if the geoid had changed in the past. Zealandia extends from south of New Zealand to New Caledonia in the north, and from the Kam Plateau off the coast of Australia to some distance into the Pacific. One has to wonder how the Great Barrier Reef fits into the possibility of Zealandia above the waves – or whether it might inhibit such a possibility. Hopefully, some facts will be established after the extraction of sediment cores from the region, as well as looking at the rocks that make the plateau such an interesting feature. Plate Tectonics will also be under scrutiny – as well as earthquakes, climate and various other factors. It is already known that water has fluctuated over Zealandia in the past. The big question then is how far into the past was Zealandia above the waves.


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