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Natural global warming

23 August 2017
Climate change

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2017/08/22/most-of-the-recent-warming-co… … Jennifer Marohasy and co-author John Abbot, a computer scientist, have written a number of articles on global warming that are in the pipeline, the first of which has just been published by GeoResJ (presumably an Australian journal). See also https://phys.org/print422691881.html … and the www.thegwpf.com/most-of-the-recent-warming-could-be-natural/ … web site. It is pointed out that experiments on the role of co2 have never been undertaken. Climate scientists just assume the theory of Arrhenius is correct (and he came out with it 120 years ago). Science has moved on but it seems that co2 science is still stuck in the 19th century. One would have thought at least one experiment had been undertaken – but no. What does this tell us about the proponents of the global warming story? They obviously knew it may not be true science but an untested theory and yet they were deceitful enough to bellow loudly about CAGW and criticise anyone that was sceptical of the message with a constant barrage of disinformation. One also has to wonder why none of these well paid climate scientists are unwilling to openly debate the science behind their doom mongering. See also http://jennifermarohasy.com./2017/08/recent-warming-natural/

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