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Scamming the People

2 November 2017
Climate change

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2017/11/01/energy-customers-foot-the-bil… .. yes, the headline reads, energy customers footing the bill for our failed climate policy – as perpetuated by the politico class steered on such a course by the Green Blob (via lobbying and countless doom mongering articles by so called scientists). Obviously, he that can afford a few roof top solar panels avoids being scammed, to some extent, but we all pay the costs passed on to business by the price we pay for goods made in this country. No wonder Chinese prices look so attractive. Professor Dieter Helm, professor of energy at Oxford University (not sure what a professor of energy does apart from pontificate)  has done a study on the cost of energy and unveiled some unpleasant truths that should, if parliament worked properly, get the politicos squirming – but sadly it has not raised a murmur. The cost of energy to the consumer is set to rise to eye watering levels over the next 13 years – as a result of politicos been hoodwinked into signing up to the Climate Change Act (back in 2008). This was the brainchild of the two brothers but in cohorts with virtually everyone in parliament at the time. Only a few MPs did not sign up to the Climate Change Act – which is set to make the poor very much poorer. Currently one third of the cost is borne by domestic consumers and two thirds by businesses (retail and manufacturing). At the moment the cost is £5 billion but in 2020, three years down the line, it will rise to £8 billion – and by 2030 it will be a staggering £100 billion. The latter figure is enormous so it may be worth exploring where that comes from – but the link definitely says £100 billion, describing it as hair raising. Government has known of these price hikes but since 2014 has published no price impacts – are they too embarrassed? They have clearly doubled down on the scam but the problem is that all three parties signed up to it so you can't vote yourself out of the scam by choosing a different party at the election booth.

Dieter Helm has whisked away the fig leaf from the politicos – but have you heard this mentioned by the media? A heavy pall of silence prevails. If the article had come out with a pro-climate change conclusion the noise would have been unbearable. Double standards – deep as you like. Media and politicos – in it up to their necks. Then they have the audacity to blame the power companies. The very man that brought the Climate Change Act to parliament was the first to claim they would block energy price rises – knowing full well that he was responsible for them but clearly highly embarrassed at the extent of them. He must be looking over his shoulder all the time. Not just him of course but all of them. Too eager to raise their hands and declare aye. The problem appears to be that it is not just a matter of saving face but parliament is shackled too as much of these policies can't be cancelled as a result of contractural and legal commitments. Why were such bad deals struck? Whose grubby fingers have been greased? Civil servants or politicos? Or both. Nothing can be done until the 2008 Climate Change Act is repealed (and then only some of the contracts can be ripped up). At the moment there is no likelihood of this happening by any side of the House so we are stuck – who will you vote for? None of them. A peculiar oddity is that Climate Change and the money involved in propping it up lies at the root of the deadlock in Northern Ireland. Politicos are not eager to make a connection with the even bigger sums being wasted on this side of the Irish Sea so are keeping mum about it. When will Joe Public start shouting?

See also https://climatechangedispatch.com/the-history-of-the-modern-climate-chan… … the history of the climate change scam (from an American perspective), while over at http://notrickszone.com/2017/11/01/storm-price-collapse-exposes-madness-… … which is a similar story from Germany. The October storms caused winds to gust and flooded the German grid leading to a collapse in prices as too much wind energy was put into the system. Grid operators were forced to pay to get rid of the surplus power – which makes electricity even more expensive to the domestic consumer as the cost is passed on. Consumers can't even benefit from a dramatic fall in prices. They too have a Green Energy Act devised by bureaucrats and politicos (and the German Green Party) and this too is the root of the problem. There is a reluctance to make significant changes to the Act, as in Blighty, as they want to look virtuous on the world stage (with other politicos prancing in front of the camera and speaking nonsense from out of their mouth).

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