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Expanding Earth – for and against

20 November 2017

At www.xearththeory.com/expanding-earth-theory-debunked/  … and www.xearththeory.com/ we have two sides of the argument – with links to papers debunking the idea, and opposite, links to papers enthusiastic of the concept. www.thunderbolts.info … also had a tpod presentation on the expanding earth idea. However, it might be worth considering why plate tectonics does not exist on other planets (as visited by spacecraft recently). Why only the earth? Might it be that earth is occupied by humans and they are highly inventive. Has Plate Tectonics ever been proven as a fact rather than accepted as a theory to account for continental drift. In Big Bang cosmology the whole universe is expanding – why not planet earth? It seems the continents would form a perfect Pangea super continent if planet earth was 80 per cent of its present size. Geology also accepts that all the rock on the bottom of the oceans is only 200 million years of age – a speck on the 4.5 billion years of the lifetime of the earth. The oceans currently make up two thirds, roughly, of the surface of the earth. Where would all the water come from if the earth had expanded. The implication is that it either arrived from space or was outgassed from within.

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