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Sun Pulses X-rays

23 November 2017

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/11/22/study-when-the-sun-pulses-x-rays-… … Electric Universe has been something of a taboo for a number of years at WattsUpWithThat climate blog – but it seems even they cannot deny recent science findings, especially when it comes from a solar scientist (Laura Hayes). She has investigated a connection between solar flares and Eareth's atmosphere, a well trodden path in EU circles – but not accepted as a general fact of reality (by mainstream). What next – will they make a connection between solar flares and earthquakes? I wonder. Is it a coincidence that a couple of weeks of solar activity have coincided with mild weather, on the one hand (in some parts of the world) and seismic activity in East Asia, beginning in N Korea, then moving south to S Korea, Japan and the Pacific islands – one after the other (and the Bali volcano stirring also). However, the latter end of the week coincides with the Sun going quiet again. Are we due for some cold weather here in blighty?

The comments are worth browsing. Some are not so good but there are some real gems amongst them.

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