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Mars and Jupiter

29 December 2017

Robert sent in the link at https://astronomynow.com/2017/12/21/mars-and-earth-may-not-have-always-b… … which tells us Mars and Earth may not always have been neighbours. Another dose of worlds in collision – in the solar system on this occasion. Mars migrated to its current position according to new theory (they've been saying that for years in Velikovskian circles). As a result of the newly established orbit of Jupiter there was a huge displacement of material towards the direction of the Sun – which included Mars and the asteroid belt (and led to the formation of Earth and Venus). Robert comments – how very Velikovskian. The settled science on the formation of the solar system is anything but settled it would seem, yet the impression is given by popular and educational media that the science is settled. It appears not. He asks, what if the planets had only really settled into their current orbit and positions. Electrical forces would quickly come into play and hence the impression of millions of years of stability.

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