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Cosmic Filleting

30 December 2017

At https://astronomynow.com/2017/12/21/cosmic-filament-probes-our-galaxys-g… … space telescopes aimed at the heart of the Milky Way, the thought to be location of a giant black hole, have discovered a filament like a filleting knife, cutting a long snake like tube of energy through the clouds of gas surrounding Sagittaurus A. See the image below – instead of a black hole a giant filament has been found …

  … it is pointing directly at Sagittaurus A (in the centre of the galaxy). It has caused a rash of theories as it seems the filament may actually migrate from the proposed black hole region – but what is it? The explanations include, i) that it is caused by high speed particles kicked away from the black hole. It is thought a spinning black hole coupled with cosmic gas spiralling inwards might produce a rotation that goes on to form a tower with a magnetic field that circles the event horizon (the hungry mouth of the black hole). Within such a scenario it is thought particles may speed up and stream away – as in a filament.

ii) is that the filament is an elusive cosmic string – so far undetected outside the brains of certain cosmologists. iii) and the possibility is aired that it is all a matter coincidence a filament can be seen in the vicinity of a black hole. One might add that there may be no black hole – but that is against the consensus grain.

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