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Halley’s Comet

27 January 2018

One from William. Why Halley's Comet may be linked to famine 1500 years ago. Sounds almost like Patrick McCafferty and Mike Baillie in their book, 'The Celtic Gods' – but it comes from Dallas Abbott. Did a piece of the comet slam into the Earth in AD536? This is already attributed to two volcanoes – now conceded by Baillie. However, Abbott approaches it slightly differently – and combines volcanoes with impact (did one spark the other?) The theory evolved after Abbott was looking at Greenland ice cores laid down between 533 and 540. They appear to show an unusual amount of atmospheric dust – not all of it attributable to a volcano. Some of it may have originated from space. See https://yahoo.com/news/why-halley-39-comet-may-linked-famine-1-125422815… … Dallas Abbott of Columbia University claims to have found extraterrestrial material in ice cores. She says it it has an origin in the Eta Aquarid annual meteor shower – with a known provenance with Comet Halley. The comet approached the inner solar system in the 530s – recorded by various classical authors. However, it was not the comet dust that caused temperatures to plunge in 536 – as a volcano (or volcanoes) are said to be responsible. She adds that something slammed into the oceans at around the time of the volcano – a space rock (possibly a piece of Comet Halley). If the link above does not work go to www.livescience.com/42048-halleys-comet-linked-to-ancient-famine.html … or www.dailymail.co.uk/news-sciencetech/article-2527090/Did-Halleys-comet-c…

This is rather reminiscent of a post a couple of years ago by Tim Cullen at https://malagabay.wordpress.com/2016/04/03/burned-house-syndrome/ … which is his take on the discovery by archaeologists that early Neolithic houses were being burnt down every 75 to 80 years – in SE and Eastern Europe. Whole settlements were intentionally torched. Why? Mainstream of course tried to make sense of this, with some quite good explanations. The burnt house syndrome appears to have proliferated between 6000 and 2000BC. The practise left behind a clearly defined layering of burnt wattle and daub (as hardened clay). See for example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burned_house_horizon … It is generally thought the burnings were deliberate acts on the part of the residents. If it was so were they mimicking something. If it wasn't what has a cycle of 75 to 80 years got to do with it. Comet Halley. That was the explanation of Tim Cullen.


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