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Neutron Star

25 March 2018

In a link that provides an insight into mainstream thinking – go to www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/astronomers-witness-x-ray-burst-f… … sent in by Jovan. Astronomers have discovered a neutron star with an old red star as its companion – or that is what is being claimed. Red stars are thought to be near the end of their food supply, it's core almost burnt out, in a series of stages. These layers are ejected by the star's own solar wind, and in turn this material may possibly collide with its companion, the neutron star. Researchers first thought the slow spinning neutron star was also an old star – the remnant of a supernova that exploded billions of years ago. However, the neutron star has a surprisingly strong magnetic field. As magnetic fields are thought to decay over time the neutron star has been re-evaluated and is now considered relatively young. This disingenuous assumption appears to conflict with it having an old companion, the red star. Likewise, the fact it is emitting x-rays is also considered a reference to its young age.

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