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Solar Spicules

3 April 2018

In Science journal 356 issue 6344 23rd June 2017, under the heading Solar Physics, there is a nice article on the NASA discovery of solar spicules (see also www.sciencemag.org/content/352/6344/1269 and www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2017/scientists-uncover-origins-of-the-sun-… ….). The Science piece was forwarded by Jovan and I have probably already posted this story (last year) but it has come up again on Eric's thread on Velikovsky (and his works). The piece is about solar spicules and Alfven waves. In the lower solar atmosphere, the chromosphere, jets known as spicules propel plasma into the corona at very high speeds. The origin of the spicules is poorly understood but they seem to play a role in heating the corona and are associated with Alfvenic waves that help drive the solar wind. Spicules occur when magnetic tension is amplified and transported upwards through interactions between ions and neutrals or ambipolar diffusion as it is called. The tension drives flows and heats up plasma, it is thought. The authors simulated what was happening and this seemed to show the spicules not only energised the out solar atmosphere by supplying plasma to the corona but it was generated by strong electric currents (the Alfven waves).

AP David says (April 4th 2018) 'spicules are shown to occur when magnetic tension is amplified and pushed upward through interaction between ions and neutrals or by ambipolar diffusion … etc. In response he says none of these people (doing the solar research), journalists as well as scientists, study electrical engineering or seemingly, basic electromagnetic theory. The only way to produce magnetic fields is by moving electric fields  – so what do they mean when they talk about magnetic tension or what is actually transported and amplified from the spicules. It means there is an electric current nearby discharging in the direction of the spicules. Magnetic fields are everywhere in modern cosmology doing magical things. They store energy like a battery, release it in the whip crack of magnetic ropes, and then reconnect. The most magical thing this is that mainstream has them to do all  this, without mentioning electric currents.

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