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Worlds in Collision

15 May 2018

Astronomy magazine (May 2018) had an article with the title, 'New Insights into How the Solar System Formed' – chaos and mayhem ensued, worlds in collision on a grand scale. This is a reference to the so called Late Heavy Bombardment theory. It seems that simply by repitition this has been morphed into fact. Oh dear, they then claim our solar system is somewhat unique in this respect as star systems studied elsewhere in the solar system do not seem to harbour chaos and mayhem on a par with our solar system. Of course, they can only see the comings and goings of large bodies (the equivalent of Jupiter for example, or what they call super earths, massive planets). Smaller bodies cannot as yet be observed. The discovery of exoplanets is another twist. There is nothing to say our solar system could not have captured one of them.

Another odd story is at www.space.com/40596-fastest-growing-black-hole-found.html … scientists have just found the fastest growing black hole ever. It devours a mass equivalent to our Sun every two days. The data comes from the ESA Gaia satellite and is basically a very bright object out there in the universe. It is said to be shining more brightly than an entire galaxy – and this is due, they say, to all the gases it sucks in daily in a mad eating frenzy. The energy emitted is mostly ultra violet light – and x-rays. Lightning emits x-rays so is this really a black hole.

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