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Jurassic Sea Flood

9 June 2018

At https://phys.org/print447399984.html … dinosaur age marine fossils have been found in the middle of Australia – hundreds of miles from the sea. They are micro-organisms known as dinoflagellates which produce red tides (algal blooms). It is thought Australia was still attached to Antarctica at the time, which adds to the mystery. Interestingly, in the succeeding Cretaceous period there is evidence of a vast inland sea in Australia – but the new evidence comes from the Jurassic. Marine reptile fossilised bones have been found in the Cretaceous strata but the period is assigned a fairly lengthy time span on the standard geochronological graph. It is being suggested the earlier Jurassic sea flood was a temporary affair – an intrusion by the sea (such as a giant tidal wave). It is only the length assigned to the Cretaceous that disallows such a tidal wave to account for the inland sea at that point – but why would an inland sea form in the middle of an ancient continental platform? Changes in the position of the poles is one answer perhaps – causing the oceans to relocate at a different point of the geoid.

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