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A Cracker

20 July 2018

The Sun and lightning on Earth – sent in by William. How does the Sun's rotational cycle influence lightning activity on Earth? At https://phys.org/print451112646.html … a research team in Japan has been looking at the Sun's rotation cycle and how it might influence lightning – going back to astronomical diaries  dating from the 18th century. We are also told (but don't tell the CAGW crowd) … 'it is well known that long term – centennial to millennial scale – variations in solr activity influences terrestrial climate ….' but 'it is not well established whether the Sun influences the daily or monthly weather'.

The Sun rotates on its axis over a 27 day period (on average). As the Sun consists of plasma, the equator rotates quicker than it does at the poles – and when sun spots face earth there is an increase in ultraviolet rays and a decrease in energetic particles shaving the atmosphere. They found peaks of thunder and lightning every 24 to 31 days. The same window it takes sun spots to rotate completely round the Sun. The team intends to study the Sun and climate more comprehensively – and do us all a favour.

The same story is at www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5964307/Records-dating-1700s-rev… … which was posted by Adam at Eric's email (chronology) thread.

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