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Tall el-Hammam (TeHEP)

29 July 2018

There is going to be a National Geographic documentary on Tall el-Hammam in October. One to look out for as astrophysicist Malcolm La Compte is also involved as well as members of a group that took part in LiDAR and multi spectral imaging, photogrammetry and magnetometry, on and around the site of Hammam. The prgramme will focus on the reality and the destruction of Sodom. None of this of course means Hammam is Sodom as there is a good argument to say the Biblical story is an allegory – a ploy to make a point. On the other hand a bit of both may be in order and if it can be shown Hammam was destroyed by a meteor exploding over the Kikkar we have an interesting developing situation as it implies the Bible was more authentic than currently allowed by the mainstream narrative. The story of Sodom is regarded as a myth retaining little of real life events compounded by the involvement of angels. If anything else it may even cause us to rethink what angels were actually up to and why they are involved in Biblical tales. Velikovsky foresaw angels such as Michael and Gabriel as manifestations of errant planets (aka substitutes for comets). In the case of Sodom the role of the angel and his companions is significant and might well have referred to a meteor (and a cosmic dimension behind the story). Obviously, this all ties in with the Younger Dryas theory of a cosmic bombardment (but much earlier) that would point towards a continuing saga of the orbit of the Earth encountering cosmic debris (or inter-acting with a cosmic body) over a long period of time. Velikovsky might not have been as far fetched as maintained by mainstream – although errant planets are perhaps too catastrophic in regard of the data we might have at hand. A lesser kind of catastrophic encounter is perhaps more desirable – and the occasional blast from a Tunguska like object might be a more prosaic way of looking at Holocene catastrophism. For more inforamtion go to www.tallelhammam.com

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